Nerd Alert

Hands-on science for curious kids who like to make things, experiment, use gadgets and find out cool stuff. Lead by our fun and knowledgeable Garden Science Educator, we'll discover WHY stuff happens, WHAT makes things the way they are and HOW things work!

Monday 8 July: Chemistry in the Gardens 
Know what chemistry goes into making plants grow?? Become a horticulturalist for the day! Test for pH and do all sorts of other soil testing just like a horticulturalist does. Use indicators to test a range of common products and more in this hands-on science session!

Thursday 11 July: Mossy Monsters 
Take a walk in the Jungle to discover hidden mysteries both weird plants and wacky animals and learn Kokodama-making to create a mini plant monster to take home from loose parts. It’ll be monster fun!

Friday 12 July: Flying Things 
How do you make the perfect paper plane, designed with skill to duck and weave or fly forever?
Discover the tricks of aerodynamics and create all sorts of flying things in this hands-on making session. Plus watch them fly high over the blue mountains!


Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
7yrs -12 yrs
Transport info:
Free parking
$20.50 per child


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