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TUE 15 DEC 2020 - SUN 7 FEB 2021

'On the Way to Brunet Meadow' Exhibition by Meaghan Potter

Meaghan Potter’s artworks are meditations upon the spiritual and mindful experiences we have amongst the natural world. Her practice is inspired by her personal experiences living and working amongst the breathtaking ecology of the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury regions of NSW, Australia.
In this collection, Meaghan has created a series of new artworks informed by her frequent visits and walks through the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens in Mt Tomah. She has focused on select birds that she sighted whilst exploring the stunning cool climate landscape of BMBG. From the cavernous rainforest track which consistently hosts scrub wrens, lyrebirds and bowerbirds through to the lower gardens of Brunet Meadows, inhabited by striking rosellas and warbling magpies, Meaghan has represented a snapshot of the abundant wildlife thriving at the gardens.
Meaghan has expressed the ephemeral nature of bird-sighting through a purposeful inter-play of realistic and abstract mark making. Each bird she draws displays a still and recognisable face, created with considered and defined charcoal marks. The charcoal lines disperse and exaggerate as they travel down the body, revealing the watercolour layer beneath and departing from the static physiology of the bird. The contrast between the still, realistic face and the transitory, expressive body of the bird describes a sense of motion within the artwork and places the audience into the mindful experience Meaghan has when bird watching herself. Meaghan’s artworks celebrate and advocate for the excitement of discovery that we can all experience within the often overlooked, but ever sublime, ever present, natural world.




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