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Like all great botanic gardens, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah has rules and regulations to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors. The rules also help us protect the Garden's plant and animal life.

Rangers enforce the rules under NSW State law. If you ignore or break them, you could be fined.

We may occasionally reserve space in any part of the Garden for one or more of the following:

  • Sporting activities

  • Entertainment

  • Ceremonies

  • Any other organised activity.

The Garden may give any one or more of the following directions:

  • A direction limiting the number of persons who may enter 

  • A direction closing to the public any part of the Garden (including any reserved land and any road, path or building)

  • A direction charging admission to any part of the Garden

  • A direction imposing conditions (such as conditions prohibiting the possession or consumption of alcohol) subject to which the public may enter any part of the Garden

A direction under this clause may be given:

  • In any case - by means of a sign displayed on or adjacent to the part of the Garden concerned, or

  • In the case of a direction referred to above - by means of an instruction given orally by an authorised person

  • A person must not fail to comply with a direction given under this clause.

Filming and Photography

Please note the flying of kites, model planes, drones and helicopters is strictly prohibited at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah and permission for these activities will not be granted for non-commercial filming.

For more information please contact us by calling (02) 4567 3000.

If you are a visitor to the Garden seeking to document your visit for personal use with photos and filming, no permit is required.

Animals in the Garden

Dogs and other domesticated animals are not allowed within the boundaries of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. We have a responsibility to our living collections, which is why our regulations do not permit pets within the Garden.

Accredited assistance dogs are welcome in the Garden. They must be wearing their badge or permit on their collar, lead, harness or vest and their registration as an assistance dog issued by local council or other authorised registration agent must be able to be produced when required.

We ask that people bringing assistance dogs into the Garden to make their way to the Visitor Centre on arrival, or call (02) 4567 3000 ahead of time. This will allow us to inform the Garden rangers of your visit.

The Garden is open to the public daily at times specified by the Trust and indicated on signs displayed adjacent to the entrances to the Garden.

You must not:

  • Without the consent of the Trust, enter or remain in the Garden at any time when they are not open to the public, or
  • Bring into the Garden any animal or permit any animal under the person’s control to remain in the Garden (except for an assistance animal that is in harness, or a dog or horse that is being used in connection with police duty).
  • Address a public function, public meeting, public demonstration or public gathering in the Garden.
  • Fish in the ponds of the Garden.
  • Jog or run in the Garden otherwise than on a road, path or specially designated circuit.
  • Throw, kick or hit any object in the Garden.

The Trust may from time to time determine the fees and charges payable for the use of any reserved land or (subject to the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulation 1999) for the parking of vehicles on any part of the Trust lands.

Fees and charges may differ according to such factors as the Trust may determine.

The Trust may exempt any person from paying any fee or charge.

A person must not do any of the following:

  • Bring any waste onto the Trust lands.
  • Abandon a vehicle on the Trust lands.
  • Leave any litter otherwise than in a receptacle provided and designated for the receipt of litter of that kind, on the Trust lands.
  • Deposit any oil or similar product, or any hot liquid, or allow such a product or liquid to escape, on the Trust lands.
  • Deposit any ice on the Trust lands.
  • Empty any coals or embers from any cooking apparatus onto the Trust land. In this clause litter includes bottles, broken glass, china, pottery, plastic, foam, paper and cardboard, waste includes refuse, rubbish and industrial waste.

A person must not do any of the following on Trust lands:

  • Operate any mechanically-propelled model aircraft, boat or similar thing.
  • Launch or land any aircraft, hang-glider, hot air balloon or parachute, drone.
  • Ride on or use any skateboard, roller skates, inline skates or similar apparatus.
  • Kite flying is permissible but must be away from any electrical power lines, groups of people or trees.
  • Operate any radio, cassette player, record player, compact disc player or any instrument at a volume likely to cause a nuisance or annoyance to any person.
  • Operate or use a loudspeaker or public address system or apparatus.
  • Play or practise golf.
  • Practise or demonstrate (using a fishing rod or line) the casting of a fishing line.
  • Bathe, wade, wash or swim in any lake, pond, stream or ornamental water.
  • Use any drinking fountain otherwise than for drinking
  • Light any fire otherwise than in fixed cooking apparatus provided by the Trust.
  • Discharge any fireworks.
  • Conduct, cause or assist in the operation of amusement, entertainment, instruction or performance.
  • Push objects into the ground such as cricket stumps or tent pegs.

A person must not do any of the following on Trust lands:

  • Damage any lawn, playing field or green otherwise than in the course of, and as a normal incident of, an organised recreational or sporting activity on reserved land.
  • Remove, uproot or cause damage to, or remove any part from, any tree or other vegetation.
  • Remove any dead timber, log or stump, whether standing or fallen.
  • Climb any tree.
  • Deface any rock or dig up any soil, sand, stone or similar substance.
  • Damage, deface or interfere with: (i) any part of the Trust lands (including any road, path, fence, barrier, gate, fence post, railing, step, stair, wall or building), or (ii) any thing situated on any part of the Trust lands (including any seat, furniture, play equipment, fountain, statue, ornament, vase, monument, sign, notice, descriptive plate, label, machinery or equipment).
  • Destroy, capture, injure or interfere with any animal.
  • Destroy or interfere with the habitat of any animal.

A person must not do any of the following on Trust lands:

  • Collect or attempt to collect money.
  • Sell or attempt to sell or hire, expose for sale or hire or solicit for sale or hire papers, printed matter, food, or other goods or services.
  • Sell or attempt to sell (or purchase or attempt to purchase) any tickets to any activity or ceremony or other event.
  • Conduct, or cause or assist the operation of, an amusement, entertainment, instruction or performance for money or other consideration.
  • Establish or operate a business.
  • Use television, video, cinematographic or photographic equipment for commercial purposes.
  • Display or distribute any advertising matter, sign, bill, poster or other printed matter.

A person must not do any of the following on Trust lands:

  • Camp or reside.
  • Erect or use, or cause to be erected or used, a building, tent, screen, awning, enclosure or other structure or thing.

Please note 3m X 3m weighted gazebos are permitted within specific areas.

A person must not drive or ride any vehicle on Trust lands:

  • Otherwise than on a road laid out for the purpose, or
  • Contrary to a sign erected by or on behalf of the Trust.

A person must not do any of the following on Trust lands:

  • Obstruct another person in the performance of the person’s work or duties.
  • Fail to comply with any reasonable direction given for the purpose of securing good order and management and enjoyment of the Trust lands by an authorised person or a member of staff of the Trust.

A person must not cause or permit any vehicle to stand or be parked on Trust lands:

  • On any lawn, grass, parkland, garden or path, or
  • Contrary to a sign erected by or on behalf of the Trust.

A person must not do any of the following on Trust lands:

  • Use insulting or offensive language.
  • Behave in an offensive or indecent manner.