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Booking Form

About This Form

You can use this form to apply for approval to undertaking commercial filming or still photography activities in the indoor and outdoor areas such as footways, roads, parks and other open spaces within the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.

Ensure you have read the Commercial Filming and Photography Terms and Conditions and the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust regulations.

Please note this application is subject to approval by the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and does not constitute a confirmed booking.


Applicant Details


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Production Details

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Production Genre*

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Production Equipment

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Please note many of the above activities will also require approval to be sought from other statutory authorities. This may include, but is not limited to, NSW Police, NSW Roads and Maritime Services, Arts NSW, RSPCA, NSW Office of the Children's Guardian, Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Rural Fire Service.


Shoot Details

Date of Shoot*
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Please note vehicles must remain on roads unless otherwise approved. Traffic signs and public road regulations are to be observed at all times.


Risk Assessment


As part of your application you must provide a risk assessment. For more information, see our Filming and Photography Risk Assessment.


Terms and Conditions


All filming and photography activities are subject to agreement with specific Terms and Conditions.

Applications are also bound by the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain Trust regulations.


Fees and Charges


Please see our rate card for a comprehensive list of our fees and charges for filming and photography activities.


Supporting Documentation


Proof of public liability insurance ($20m for filming, $10m for photography) and a completed risk assessment form must be submitted as part of this application. You can add these documents to your application below. Location map, production schedule and budget are not required, but will assist us in processing your application.

All supporting documentation will be required prior to shoot date



Full payment is required prior to production and can be made by cheque or credit card (Visa and MasterCard only).

Upon submission of your application, our staff will be in contact with you to provide a quote for your production.


Terms and Conditions


Please check the box below to acknowledge that you have read and accept The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Terms and Conditions for commercial filming and photography activities.