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The Wingtags Project

The Wingtags Project has flown to a new home at Taronga Conservation Society Australia. The Wingtags app and the Brushturkeys app have been updated to a single app: Big City Birds Website | Android | iOS  
You can use your existing Brushturkeys app log-in to sign-in to the Big City Birds app. Please download the app or use the website to report your sightings of: wingtags, unmarked birds, nests, chicks, and a range of behaviours across Australia.  The new app focuses on Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Australian Brush-turkeys, Australian White Ibis, Little Corella, and Long-billed Corella. You can also report unique behaviours of ‘other’ bird species.  

Research is currently under way that involves wing-tagging birds within the Sydney region, Australia. Our aim is to learn about the Cockies', Ibis and Turkeys' behaviour: site-loyalty, population size and foraging, roosting and breeding habitat preferences.

Bin-opening Survey 
Help us learn about bin-opening
: whether you "have" or "have not" observed this behaviour is valuable to our study, so please participate: new survey coming August 2019

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