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Fusarium species associated with mango malformation in Australia

Edward Liew, Matthew Laurence, Brett Summerell
Project partners:
QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries, VIC Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

Project aims

To identify, collate and review information on Fusarium species isolated from mango tissue associated with malformation in order to inform biosecurity policy formulation.

Project Summary

Mango Malformation Disease (MMD) is caused by various species of Fusarium in different mango producing regions worldwide. In Australia MMD is currently a notifiable disease with one of its causal agents, Fusarium mangiferae, categorized as an Emergency Plant Pest (EPP). Since 2007 numerous Fusarium species have been isolated in association with MMD symptoms, including established causal agents, implicated pathogens as well as other species, some yet to be formally described. This project reviews all of these Fusarium species by documenting location origins and identification methods, and re-assessing their identification based on phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequences. In addition to identifying knowledge gaps, the project includes the formal description of novel species.