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Our expertise and research on Persoonia is helping to prepare and implement translocations of nursery-propagated plants. Translocations increase plant numbers in the wild to help minimise local extinction risk.

 We have assisted in the translocation of almost 800 critically endangered Persoonia pauciflora plants over the last four years. Short-term survival of translocated plants has been > 70% (Emery et al. 2018). These translocations have helped increase population sizes within the distribution as well as establish new populations beyond the native distribution.
We are currently working with stakeholders to translocate the endangered Persoonia hirsuta and Persoonia hindii.

Reference: Emery, Hillier and Offord (2018) Threatened plant translocation case study: Persoonia pauciflora (North Rothbury Persoonia), Proteaceae. Australasian Plant Conservation 26 (4): 18-19. 

Previous translocation plantings