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Some communities are less likely to have access to green spaces, depriving them of the physical, mental and social benefits that nature brings. In the lead up to R U OK Day, this episode of Branch Out explores how the Community Greening Program is changing that one garden at a time.

From little things, big things grow. Since 2000, the Community Greening Program has established 765 community and youth-led gardens across NSW - transforming the lives of almost 160,000 people across NSW. The successful collaboration with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services has helped improve the health and wellbeing of urban deprived populations, disadvantaged social groups, minority ethnic groups, disabled people, youth and the elderly.

In this episode of Branch Out, you’ll hear from Norbert and how creating a usable outdoor space with a garden brought his social housing community in Surry Hills together. You’ll also hear from a passionate Community Greening Coordinator, Phil Pettitt, and Dr Son Truong, one of the researchers from Western Sydney University who studied the mental, physical and social benefits of the program.

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