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Plan Your Excursion

Excursion Pricing

Excursion Fee (per student)
Primary school (two hours) $13.40
(minimum charges apply)
Secondary school (two hours) $13.40
(minimum charges apply)
Primary/Secondary Full day (2x two-hour + lunch break) $21.44
(minimum charges apply)
Tertiary school (two hours) $20.00
(minimum charges apply)
International schools (two hours) $20.00
(minimum charges apply)
International Full day (2x two-hour + lunch break) $25.00
(minimum charges apply)
Virtual Excursions $100 (up to 30 students)

Getting Here

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is 105km west of Sydney, about a two-hour drive from the CBD.
A map of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden can be found here

Driving from Sydney: From the CBD, cross the harbour heading north and follow the M2 motorway onto the M7 motorway. Take the Richmond Road exit towards Richmond. Follow the signs to Blue Mountains and follow Bells Line of Road from Richmond to the Garden.

Driving from Lithgow: Drive along Chifley Road from Lithgow to Bell. Continue on Bells Line of Road from Bell to the Garden. The Garden is about a 40-minute drive from Lithgow.

Please note due its location, the Garden is not accessible by public transport.