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Digging Design in the Garden - Stage 5

The Botanic Gardens are home to a wealth of Design and Technology productions. Join one of our interactive study days where students will have the opportunity to investigate, analyse and evaluate a range of design concepts and processes, apply these to create a solution in a simple design challenge and interact with authentic designers through a case study model.

Learning Activities

  • Students will explore and evaluate the design of an exhibition space  within the Gardens. 
  • They will discover several designs around the Gardens and use established design criteria to give them an approval rating. 
  • Students will meet experts working in different areas of the Gardens and learn about how they approach design challenges in a Q and A session.


Stage 5 Design and Technology


Visitor Centre


2 hours

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Key Content
  • Explore a variety of designs at the Botanic Gardens and apply and justify the design process for its purpose.
  • Evaluate the creative, innovative and enterprising design ideas and solutions of existing designs.
  • Learn about the integration of functionality, aesthetics , and also the iteration of the design process from expert Garden designers.
Syllabus Outcomes


DT5-2 applies and justifies an appropriate process of design when developing design ideas and solutions
DT5-3 evaluates and explains the impact of past, current and emerging technologies on the individual, society and environments
DT5-4 analyses the work and responsibilities of designers and the factors affecting their work
DT5-6 develops and evaluates creative, innovative and enterprising design ideas and solutions

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