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Survive and Thrive (Stage 3)

Your students will investigate a range of native plants and the features they have that allow them to survive in the Australian environment.

Students will examine plants that grow in the mountain environment of Mt Tomah in contrasting environments. These are the cool temperate rainforest plants, the alpine plants of the exposed mountainside and carnivorous plants of the bog garden. Students make connections between the physical conditions and the growth and survival of plants.


Stage 3 Science and Technology


Visitor Centre


2 hours


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What Happens?

  • Explore The Jungle rainforest walk to observe a variety of native rainforest plants.
  • Wander the paths of the mountainside with alpine plants hugging the ground.
  • Discover insect eating plants growing in the bog garden.
  • Examine the structural features and learn about how these allow them to survive.
  • Conduct fieldwork to measure abiotic and biotic conditions.

Students Will...

  • Observe a variety of plants in different locations and compare and contrast the different adaptations and characteristics.
  • Discuss the requirements of plants as living things and the ways they meet their needs.

Curriculum Links

  • Observe and describe the structural features of some native Australian animals and plants. (ST3-10LW)
  • Describe some physical conditions of the environment and how these affect the growth and survival of living things. (ST3-11LW)
  • Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment. (ACSSU043)
    • Present ideas and explanations about how the structural features and behaviour of some plants and animals help them to survive in their environment, e.g. shiny surfaces of leaves on sand dune plants and nocturnal behaviour in some animals.
    • Research the conditions needed for a particular plant to grow and survive in its environment, e.g. an indoor plant, plants in deserts, drought-resistant wheat or salt-tolerant plant.
  • The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their envrionment. (ACSSU094)
    • Identify some physical conditions of a local environment, e.g. temperature, slope, wind speed, amount of light and water.
    • Make predictions about how changing the physical conditions of the environment impacts on the growth and survival of living things, e.g. different amounts of light or water on plant growth or the effect of different temperatures on the growth of yeast or bread mould.
    • Use gathered data to develop explanations about how changing the physical conditions of the environment affects the growth and survival of living things.