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Mapping the Mountains - Early Stage 1

Bring your students to Mt Tomah to engage with nature and map the mountains!

They will have a mud map to follow a trail and collect natural items they find on their journey. These natural items will then be collated into a pictograph. This engagement with natural materials and the surroundings will help them answer key inquiry questions about the environmental features of the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens.


Early Stage 1 Geography


Visitor Centre


2 hours


Click here. Minimum charges apply. Discounts apply for full day programs!

What Happens?

  • A discovery walk to investigate the features of the environment.
  • Handle plants and use the senses to gain information about an environment.
  • Use natural material collected on the discovery walk to make a pictograph.
  • Collect natural materials to make a large, simple map of the discovery walk route and use mapping language to recount the journey to their friends.
  • Gain an understanding of how this place is important to people from the local Darug community to present visitors and workers here.

Students Will...

  • Use geographical concepts about place, space and environment.
  • Represent data using graphs and draw conclusions about this.
  • Communicate geographical information in their natural material maps.
  • Use geographical tools such as maps, photographs and illustrations.
  • Participate in fieldwork.

Curriculum Links

  • Identifies places and develops an understanding of the importances of places to people (GEe-1)
  • Communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools (GEe-2)