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16 & 23 APRIL 2020

Nerd Alert: Science on the Mountain

Hands-on science for curious kids who like to make things, experiment, use gadgets and find out cool stuff. Lead by our fun and knowledgeable Garden Science Educator, we'll discover WHY stuff happens, WHAT makes things the way they are and HOW things work! 

Messing Around with Boats 16 April 2020
Build and test your own boat using recycled computer parts, plastic bottles, rubber bands, duct tape, chopsticks and more! Learn how the shape of hulls, bows and paddles change the way a boat moves and test your prototype for streamlining and aqua-dynamics. Sail your finished boat on the ponds at the Garden at the end of the day!

Water Rockets 23 April 2020
How many meters can you blast your water rocket into the air? Investigate chemical and water pressure rockets using a range of recycled plastic bottles and parts. What is the perfect payload for the highest flight? Customise your rocket to see how far they will fly? Come and build your own and find out!


16 & 23 APRIL 2020 11AM-1PM


$20.50 per child


Visitor Centre


Suitable for children 8- 12 years old


Blue Mountains Botanic Garden


No public transport