Summer Bird Walk & Talk with Carol Probets

Join birding guide Carol Probets on a morning walk to see some of the Garden’s beautiful birds and learn about their habits. Summer is a perfect time for birdwatching in the cool mountain environment. Some species will still be nesting or feeding young. Juvenile birds add a fun challenge in identification. Charismatic Gang-gang Cockatoos are another highlight in summer as they arrive to feed in the dogwood and walnut trees. Get some tips from Carol on how to use binoculars and how to spot birds. Suitable for beginners or those who have already done some birding.
Participants are encouraged to bring walking shoes, sunhat, sunscreen, bottle of water, notebook/pen, binoculars, raincoat for light rain, (camera optional).


Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
Recommended for adults and older children
$27-$30 per person


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