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Thurs 13th & Thurs 20th January

Stargazing at the Garden

The perfect mix of science, ancient skies and wonder. Our fully immersive experience lit by the shine of the Moon or by the billions of stars in the Milky Way is a truly unique activity.

This event will be held for two nights across the Christmas school holidays.

Tour includes:

  • 90-min tour led by a local Astrophysicist through a fascinating and interactive guided talk

  • Storytelling through the constellations

  • Naked-eye astronomy and navigation tips

  • Viewing through professional computerised telescopes - depending on the time of the year:

    • the Moon and its craters and seas

    • Saturn’s rings

    • the moons of Jupiter

    • Mars & Venus

    • the Orion Nebula

    • star clusters

    • double & triple stars

    • deep space objects such as galaxies and our fabulous Milky Way

    • shooting stars

  • Q&A with an Astrophysicist


Thurs 13 Jan & Thurs 20 Jan - 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm


Starting from $55 - $85


Visitor Centre