Mossy Monsters

We’re going pre-historic!

Getting to know some of the the oldest and toughest survivors on Earth....  

Lichens are found in the most extreme environments, they can survive the deadly vacuum of space!

Mosses may look fragile but they were the earliest living things to colonise land in the Silurian period around 440 million years ago. Liverworts and Ferns were part of this prehistoric community too – living long before animals roamed the Earth.


Kids will explore the Garden’s ‘Jungle’ area – a remnant of ancient Blue Mountains rainforest, and have the chance to harvest moss and other small plants from the Garden.

Getting creative and getting their hands dirty, kids will use coconut coir, sphagnum moss and some fun crafty bits to make their own super-cute Mossy Monster – a living plant-pet to take home!

Waratah Education centre and Garden
Waratah Education centre and Garden
Suitable for 6-13 years
$20 per child
4567 3000


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