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Garden Areas

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is one of a kind. The only botanic garden anywhere in the world located within a United Nations World Heritage Area.

Our plants are group according to their geographical origin with our feature gardens allowing visitors to see the similarities and differences between plants of each region.

Learn more about our garden areas below.

Formal Garden

The Formal Garden draws its inspiration from traditional European garden design. The three distinct terraces each have a unique focus.

The first features season displays where colour and form are showcased in mass plantings. The lawn terrace features whispering walls which you can try out for yourself. The third terrace draws its inspiration from Australian landscape gardener Edna Walling and features a hand-glazed pergola.

The display beds in the Formal Garden change every season.

Rock Garden

Featuring rocky plant communities from different continents, the Rock Garden is where you can find South African Protea species (they come to life in winter) and South American Bromeliads (prefer summer) along with a variety of plants from around the world that bring interest in every season.

Bog Garden

The Bog Garden highlights a rare plant community of the Blue Mountains region - a hanging swamp with carnivorous plants including the Venus' Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula).

In the Bog Garden you will find kneeling pads so you can get close to the plants. Here you will also find sphagnum moss and other rarities that grow in the cool, moist climate of the region.

Plant Explorers

Discover 300 years of exploration through Asia by following the adventures of 14 plant explorers across this wonderful waking trail.

The Plant Explorers walk features over 400 different plant species celebrating plant diversity and human endurance.