In November 2010 the Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens installed their first photovoltaic system on the Visitor Centre’s roof. The Centre was looking to make the best use of available funding to lower its energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

A 9.57kW system was designed that would best utilise the available roof space and infrastructure of the Centre. The system comprises of 33 Schott Solar Double Glass Polycrystalline 290W modules in combination with an SMA SMC 10000TL- 10 inverter.

The system’s electrical design included additional surge protection circuitry to protect the system in the event of a lightning strike on the array.

The array was mounted on flush framing against the roof sheeting at an offset of approximately 100 to 150mm to the roof.

The installation of the 9.57kW system was completed in May 2011. In August 2011 a 1.8kW extension was added to the existing system. This extension consisted of 6 Schott Solar Double Glass Polycrystalline 300W modules and an SMA SB5000TL-20 inverter.

An SMA Sunny Webbox monitoring system and Weather Station was included with the installation for the visualisation of real-time generation data and the monitoring of environmental conditions relevant to the performance of the PV system.

An additional 15kW PV system was installed in December 2016 and includes 58 Tier 1 Jinko 260kW panels and an SMA STP15000TL-10 device. 

The total 30.470 kWp solar photovoltaic system installed represents a carbon neutral, cost effective and low-maintenance solution to reduce the Visitors Centre’s electricity costs and subsequent carbon footprint.

Electricity produced to date;

2013   13229.388 kWh

2014   16416.154 kWh

2015   15440.177 kWh

The system demonstrates the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden’s commitment to climate change action and sustainability practices in keeping with the overall conservation and environmental aims of the Botanic Gardens.


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