Curators' Choice - Plant Of The Month

Botanic Name: Puya alpestris ssp. zoellneri

Common Name: Blue Puya

Curators Quote: One of the highlights of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. The tall jade blue flower spikes covered in birds and bees are a site that must be seen to be believed.

Description: Large relative of the pineapple from the highlands of Chile. Long blue-green strappy leaves to 1.5m with backward pointing sharp spines. Flower spikes to 2m tall with dozens of jade blue flowers in early summer.

Location in the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden: Chilean Rock Garden (in flower now).

Size: 2m.

When To Plant: March-October.

Where To Plant: Sunny position in well drained soil.

Level of Care: Low.

Important Notes: Feed in the cooler months to promote spring growth and flowering. Plants tend to flower in their 7th year from seed.

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