Curators' Choice - Plant Of The Month

Botanic Name: Camellia ssp

Common Name: Camellia

Curators Quote: Known to be cultivated for thousands of years, Camellias are prized both in their native east Asia and around the world.

Description: One of the best known garden plants and an important crop for the production of tea. Over 100 species are recognised and thousands of cultivars registered. Camellias can make great specimen plants, they can be hedged or as part of any ornamental garden design.

Location in the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden: Explorers Walk, Brunet Garden, Residence Garden and Eurasian Woodland.

Grow To: 1-20m.

When To Plant: Any Time.

Where To Plant: Depends on the species or cultivar but most tolerate strong light.

Level of Care: Low.

Important Notes: For best results, prune after flowering.

Also Flowering in August: 

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