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Growing our collections: Gift to the Library

Our unique collections include 1.2 million preserved plants and our 155 year-old library featuring Australia’s most extensive collection of botanic books, photographs and artworks are cultural treasures that retell the story of our nation’s past.

As a family, we wanted to have a permanent recognition of the contribution our mother made to the Library during her last years as a volunteer - something that reflected her love of plants and books, and her joy in being part of the Gardens and its work.
Catherine Stewart, daughter

A dedicated volunteer, Lois Stewart began helping in the Gardens by watering plants, later she shared her love of the Gardens with visitors assisting on the information desk; however it was volunteering in the Library where her passion met her expertise. After retiring as a Technical Librarian she found great pleasure applying her specialised skills to support the collection.

In recognition of their mother’s passion for the Gardens, the Stewart family created the Lois Stewart collection from her estate. This unique collection of antiquarian, illustrated books about Australian and British wildflowers is fitting tribute to their mother’s life and interests.

Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens Charitable Fund
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