Evolutionary Ecology

Our ecologists study and describe the distribution and assembly of Australian native plants, with a particular focus on the flora of New South Wales. Our research integrates an innovative combination of genomic, ecological and environmental data to uncover the evolutionary secrets of our unique flora, and support its conservation.

What attributes make some species more successful than others? Why do changes in environmental and climatic conditions impact on the distribution and assembly of species? How is biodiversity distributed across the landscape and how can we best protect it? These are some of the key questions our ecologists investigate to advance scientific knowledge and provide expert advice to Government and public audiences. 

Restore and Renew NSW
Ecological restoration is the re-establishment of self-sustaining populations. Achieving this requires an understanding of the evolutionary and adaptive potential of species in a changing environment. Restore & Renew provides a decision-support tool that improves the success and long-term viability of restored vegetation. Learn More.