Terms and Conditions

Community & Education Programs

Terms and Conditions

1. Rates
a. Annual Rates

Rates will be reviewed and updated annually at least.

b. Concession Prices
Concession card holders will be required to present their card as proof of purchase at the booked activity.

c. Quotes
A quote is only applicable for the period within the financial year in which it was given. Rates are subject to change each financial year and will be applied. Where a quote has been issued for the next financial year, any price increases will apply. 

2. Bookings and Payment 
a. Eventbrite

Purchase of a booking in Eventbrite is final. Participants are required to bring a copy of their Eventbrite booking confirmation to the activity.    

b. Groups (including schools)
Group bookings are made through direct contact with a BGCP Bookings Officer. A booking confirmation will be sent upon completion of a group booking. A booking confirmation constitutes a formal booking, which will be invoiced upon completion of the activity.

Payment is required within 30 days upon receipt of an invoice. Cash and cheque payments are not accepted. Payment may be made by credit card and direct debit only.      

3. Refunds and Cancellations
a. Wet Weather

All booked programs will go ahead in wet weather. In the case of severe weather warnings the BGCP may cancel and a change of date or refund may be offered at the BGCP’s discretion.   

b. Eventbrite
No refunds apply for cancellation of bookings made through Eventbrite.

A request for a date change can be made in writing 48 hours prior to the booking commencement time. Approval of a date change is at the discretion of the BGCP.

c. Group (except schools)
Where a cancellation is requested within 48 hours of the booking commencement time, a cancellation fee will apply.

d. Schools
Where a cancellation is requested within 8 days of the booking commencement time, a cancellation fee of $180 per hired educator will apply.

4. Communication of Terms and Conditions
a. Website

The Community and Education programs booking and payment terms and conditions will be displayed on the BG website under Learn and the CP website under Education.

Any reference to specific rates will be advertised within this medium only to ensure that a single location to update rates whenever a change applies.    

b. Booking Forms
Where a booking form is required for a program, such as schools and group bookings, the relevant terms and conditions will be included on the form.   

c. Email Communication
Where an email confirmation is required as part of a booking, the relevant terms and conditions will be referred to with a link to the full terms and conditions on the website.

d. Eventbrite Listings
Where programs are advertised via Eventbrite, the relevant terms and conditions will be included as part of the Eventbrite listing.