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Examine a variety of plant specimens to understand the effects of pathogens and insects and the responses of plants to disease. Explore the ways plant diseases spread and how an understanding of these processes allows people to control diseases.

Stage 6 Biology
2 hours
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
$13 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Students will discuss the concept of disease and then examine infected plant material to observe the different types of pathogens and the symptoms caused 
  • The defence adaptations of plants will be explored, as well as the role of quarantine and the strategies used to control plant diseases
  • In a brief research task, students will collate information relating to the causes, symptoms, impacts and disease control strategies for various diseases which impact plants.

Students will...

  • Discuss ways that disease affects plants and the impact this can have on ecosystems and human society

  • Investigate the ways diseases are identified and controlled by prevention and treatment strategies

  • Observe a variety of plants affected by diseases and record information about the signs and symptoms

  • Explore the steps used in the quarantine process and examples of diseases controlled by these methods

  • Research plant diseases considered a threat to ecosystems or agricultural trade.

Plant diseases were particularly well done – excellent samples… educator’s knowledge was brilliant.

Teacher, St Johns Park High School
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