Plant Classification

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Your students will discover the similarities and differences between the major plant groups and classify plants using simple keys. They will understand the need for classification in science, and explore some of the structures and functions of plants that enable them to function and survive. The Wollemi pine will provide an example where classification has changed as a result of new scientific evidence.

Stage 4 Science
2 hours
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
$13 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Explore the structural differences between plant groups of algae, mosses and liverworts, ferns, conifers and flowering plants by examining live plants
  • Learn about the basic functions of plant cell biology through scientific models, and use simple keys to classify plants in the Garden
  • Record observations, including diagrams, and draw conclusions about structural similarities within plant groups.

Students will...

  • Use simple keys to classify plants as algae, mosses and liverworts, ferns, conifers or flowering plants

  • Observe the different structural features within plant groups

  • Learn about the discovery and classification of the Wollemi pine.


The educator linked the concepts of dichotomy and plant features… fantastic!

Teacher, Mt Carmel School, Yass
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