Mountain Environments

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Your students will discover the similarities and differences between mountain and rainforest ecosystems within the World Heritage Blue Mountains. Students will record observations of biotic and abiotic features of these ecosystems, and investigate key sustainability issues around the need to protect the world’s rainforests from human impacts. The World Heritage Exhibition Centre showcases the unique beauty of this iconic location. Experience local to understand global!

Stage 4 Geography and Science
2 hours
Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
$13 per student. Minimum charges apply.

What happens?

  • Explore the remnant rainforest and mountain ecosystems and record observations of abiotic and biotic features
  • Examine the adaptations of plant species to these different environments. Learn about the geology of the Blue Mountains, the listing of World Heritage sites (including the Blue Mountains) and the human impacts on this environment
  • Discuss threats and describe strategies to address global geographical issues.

Students will...

  • Contrast two ecosystems (mountains and rainforest) and the processes that form and transform these two global environments (biomes)

  • Participate in fieldwork activities and use geographical tools

  • Identify human interactions with the environment

  • Develop positive attitudes towards environmental sustainability.

Our Year 7 Geography students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Mount Tomah. As usual, the standard of the presentations and tours was excellent.

Teacher, Catherine McAuley College
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