Plants for Senior Science

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Go behind the scenes and see plant production, nursery management, and the conservation of the Wollemi pine. Explore the adaptations of Australian native plants; the ways they manage water, germinate and regenerate. See tissue culture, learn about seed storage and plant research undertaken at the Australian PlantBank laboratories.

Stage 6 Senior Science
2 hours
Australian Botanic Garden
$13 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Students learn about the discovery of the Wollemi pine, the threats to its survival and the work done to protect this rare species
  • They visit the working nurseries of the garden and see propagation techniques in action. A visit to the Garden allows students to observe first-hand the different adaptive strategies of Australian plants to different levels of water availability and fire
  • Students design a prac applying different pre-germination treatments to seeds, which they take back to school to complete.

Students will...

  • Learn about the discovery and protection of the Wollemi pine

  • Study the adaptations of Australian native plants which are xerophytes or epiphytes, and the ways plants regenerate after fire

  • Design and set up a prac to observe the effect of abrasion, smoke and heat on the germination of seeds Explore the propagation techniques used in the nursery of the Royal Botanic Garden

  • Discover the ways genetic diversity is encouraged in ecosystems, but controlled for commercial purposes through techniques such as tissue culture.

Excellent presentation and great coverage of syllabus, and practical as well.

Teacher, Albion Park High School
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