Save the World by Lunchtime! - Stage 1

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Become a sustainability superhero! Learn about water harvesting systems and simple ways to reduce water use. Reuse a coffee cup as a pot for a seedling and discuss environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Practice sorting recycling from rubbish and save the world before lunchtime!

Stage 1 Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE) and Science & Technology
2 hours
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
$12 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Construct a simple rainwater harvesting system
  • Look at the ways water is collected and reused in the garden
  • Practice sorting rubbish and compare the properties of different packaging materials
  • Reuse a coffee cup as a mini plant pot for a seed
  • See if they can be an eco-warrior like George by revisiting the story to elicit new comprehension and meaning
  • Take the sustainability message back out into the world!


Students will... 

  • Actively participate in a retelling of George Saves the World by Lunchtime
  • Recall the water cycle and model ways to harvest rainwater
  • Practice sorting recycling from rubbish
  • Explore which materials make the best packaging products
  • Plant a seed to take back to school.

It was fantastic! The children absolutely loved planting the sunflower seeds.

Teacher, St Mary & St Mina’s College Bexley
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