Plant Connections - The Calyx - Stage 2

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Experience our exciting Plant Connections excursion for Stage 2 students and ask the questions “How do animals affect the life cycle of plants?” Go on a guided tour through our exciting new Pollination themed exhibition in The Calyx and explore the extensive gardens looking for evidence of pollinators. Plus, plant seeds in our education garden or specialised planting house and learn ways Aboriginal peoples use and classify plants.

This lesson supports the Primary Connections units Plants in Action and Friends or Foes? and supports the Living World strand of the Stage 2 NSW K-6 Science and Technology Syllabus.


Stage 2 Science & Technology
2 hours
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
$12 per student. Minimum charges apply

Excursion key themes:

  • Pollination
  • Plant classification (Scientific)
  • Plant classification (Aboriginal)

Students will: 

  • Observe pollinators in the gardens and “see like a bee”
  • Understand the relationship between flowers and pollinators
  • Plant seeds in our specialised planting house or education garden
  • Explore plants and their seeds, leaves and fruits through hands-on activities
  • Classify plants as flowering or non-flowering and discuss how they are different
  • Explore how Aboriginal people classify plants
  • Visit the new Pollination exhibition in The Calyx and view the spectacular green wall and floral displays.


It was the perfect combination of outdoor activities and indoor information.

Teacher, Brighton Le Sands Public School
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