Contact - First Encounters - Stage 2

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Explore the impacts of British colonisation on the local inhabitants of Sydney Cove, the Cadigal. Gain an understanding of how the Cadi people used the land and plants for food, tools, shelter, and medicine. Investigate the collection of plants and seeds brought by the First Fleet and their use and value at Sydney Cove.

Stage 2, History
2 hours
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
$12 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Learn about the nature and impact of colonisation, pre-contact Aboriginal culture, and British contact with Aboriginal peoples to 1820
  • Learn about Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal perspectives of the relationship to land and country
  • Stand on the site of the first farm in Australia and discover the plants brought by the First Fleet.


Students will... 

  • Understand the importance of Country and Place to Aboriginal people
  • Learn about the Cadi people and their relationship with the land and uses of plants for food, medicine, and shelter
  • Visit the First Farm display garden and discover the fruits and vegetables and herbs brought to Australia by the First Fleet
  • Experience and understand the hardships and difficulties of convict life
  • Discuss the ‘contact’ from the view of an Aboriginal child and a first settler child to gain a relatable perspective.

Excellent resources and dynamic delivery of content. Thank you to both educators- very engaging!

Teacher, Beauty Point Public School, Mosman
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