Connection and Country - Stage 1

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Your students will investigate a wide variety of local native plants which provided the raw materials needed for survival by the first Australians. In this lesson, Aboriginal Education Officers will provide a cultural perspective of how Aboriginal people of the Sydney area used plants for food, medicine, tools and weapons, giving students a unique opportunity to meet and interact with members of our Aboriginal communities.

Stages 1 Science, History & Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE)
2 hours
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
$12 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Take a walk through the Cadi Jam Ora: First Encounters Garden and learn about the traditional and contemporary uses of bush foods
  • Examine plants that were used by original inhabitants for food, medicine, tools and weapons
  • Experience the kinds of objects made from these plants as well as other aspects of Aboriginal culture. 


Students will... 

  • Learn how music is an important means for communication for Aboriginal People, e.g., the didgeridoo
  • Explore communication methods used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to share ideas and information, e.g. dance, stories, music and art
  • Use terms relating to time to appreciate the length of Aboriginal settlement in Australia Engage with artefacts and identify a range of natural materials used by Aboriginal peoples.

Fantastic and so engaging … the children really enjoyed the whole lesson.

Teacher, All Saints Grammar
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