Alexander's Outing - Stage 1

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Based on Pamela Allen’s book ‘Alexander’s Outing’, children trace Alexander’s journey through the garden and solve mathematical problems along the way.

Early Stage 1 & Stage 1 Mathematics and English
2 hours
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
$12 per student. Minimum charges apply

What happens?

  • Explore the real-life setting of Alexander’s adventure in Pamela Allen’s Alexander’s Outing 
  • Actively participate in a retelling of the story to elicit comprehension and meaning
  • Discover the animals that call the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney their home
  • Count birds at the pond and discover the many shapes found in the natural and built environment
  • Hold hands around the bottle tree to measure its girth
  • Rescue Alexander using cups of water
  • Discuss estimation and try not to get wet!

Students will... 

  • Actively participate in a retelling of Alexander’s Outing using costumes and props
  • Count bird numbers and identify shapes in the natural and built environment
  • Measure the girth of a bottle tree
  • Discuss estimation and have fun rescuing Alexander.

A fantastic educational experience for children. Well organised and delivered beautifully’.

Teacher, Ashbury Public School
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