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Spotto Sense Scavengers - Stage 1

Students use their senses to explore the Gardens to discover its features and uses.

Textures, colours and shapes are examined through hunts to group, match and describe plants and items in the environment around them. Use of symbols to mark their discovered plants on a simple map is included in a spotto game. Data gathered during the fieldwork is recorded graphically and pictorially.


Stage 1 Geography


Visitor Centre


2 hours


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What Happens?

  • A texture hunt explores natural items to group categories and then find these textures in the Garden.
  • Find natural items and built features to match colours then create categories for the collection.
  • Create column graphs and take photographs to represent and interpret findings.
  • Handle plants and use the senses to gain information about an environment.
  • Find items through the use of simple map and geographical questioning.

Students Will...

  • Use geographical concepts about place, space and the environment.
  • Represent data using graphs and draw conclusions about this.
  • Communicate geographical information in finding plants using a simple map.
  • Use geographical tools such as maps, photographs and illustrations.
  • Participate in fieldwork.

Curriculum Links

  • Describes features of places and the connections people have with places. (GE1-1)
  • Communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools for inquiry. (GE1-3)