Mountain Environments

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Learning Experiences for International Students and Students with English as a Second Language

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah is an ideal location to share nature with students and engage them with plants and the environment in the world heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains. At 1000 metres above sea level, you will see vistas to Sydney while enjoying the unique cool climate plants.

International Students & ESL
2 hours
Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
$16 per student. Minimum charges apply.

The learning experience is divided into four practical sessions based on the four stages of a learning system called ‘flow learning’ developed by Joseph Cornell. This ‘hands on method’ engages the senses and builds on experiences without overloading the students with too much information.

The experience ‘Mountain Environments’ uncovers the unique plants that are in Mount Tomah, including the dinosaur tree and the pristine cool temperate rainforest. A discovery walk down the mountain into ‘The Jungle’ is a highlight! 

Stage 1: Awaken Enthusiasm. Develop an understanding of a range of plants that grow in the mountains environment from Gondwana to present.
Stage 2: Focus Attention. Provide an opportunity to touch, smell and examine the selected plants.
Stage 3: Direct Experience. Become immersed in the environments of the Jungle and mountainside of Mount Tomah. Make a clay fossil of the Wollemi Pine of the Jurassic era
Stage 4: Share Inspiration. Exchange special moments and interesting learnt experiences with others on developed understanding and appreciation of the plants engaged with.

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