Community Greening

The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust has a commitment to take its expertise ‘beyond the garden walls’ and serve the broader community through innovative outreach programs.

In 1999 the Trust joined with Housing New South Wales to establish a partnership called ‘Community Greening’. ‘Community Greening’ is a range of activities to promote communal garden projects. By promoting communal gardening in social housing communities, and on nearby locations, we make a significant contribution to improved social cohesion, crime reduction and public health in both urban and regional New South Wales

Thanks to financial support of Housing New South Wales, the Trust employs full time education horticulturists on the ‘Community Greening’ program, who work with the Housing New South Wales Staff, Partners and Community Development organisations and staff. Currently there are in excess of 200 communities participating in the development or establishment of gardens in social housing communities, on local Council land, in the grounds of churches, hospitals and schools throughout New South Wales.

‘Community Greening’ also has its own dedicated vehicles - to allow us to pick up and drop off materials from many generous supporters who contribute seeds, plants, landscape materials for use by community groups. These include the Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Eden Gardens, Oasis Horticulture, Yates Horticulture, Alpine Nurseries, Northcote Pottery, Edibleplantscapes, Twigz and Camerons Nurseries.

Setup a Community Garden

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Making Gardening Accessible

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Youth Community Greening

Youth Community Greening (YCG) is an environmental education program targeting disadvantaged urban and regional youth (2 - 25 years). YCG is a partnership between the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust and Eden Gardens & Garden Centres (Eden Gardens). The Trust delivers the program while Eden Gardens provides financial support, input into strategic development, and in-kind support of plants and products. The program inspires the appreciation and conservation of plants and the environment. Educators help youth and teachers connect with the natural environment and experience the joys of being outdoors and gardening.

YCG assists disadvantaged preschools, schools, migrant youth groups, Youth off the Streets, Juvenile Detention Centres, and other similar targeted groups of young people through helping create productive school and community gardens and green landscapes. The program also delivers syllabus-linked environmental classroom and outdoor activities at schools and centres across NSW.

Outcomes include:

  • Building self-esteem and resilience in vulnerable youth
  • Create opportunities for young people to connect with nature
  • Increase youth ownership of public places
  • Educate young people about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Provide and develop gardening skills and enhance employment opportunities
  • Green the urban environment and promote sustainable lifestyles
  • Promote sustainability through garden programs in schools and youth centres
  • Provide training opportunities for staff involved with disadvantaged youth
  • Children (0-14 year olds) and young people (15-24 year olds) face many challenges for the future, including finding their identity in an uncertain and changing world. They experience peer group pressure and have to deal with social, employment and financial issues.

Young people are readily influenced by their environment and their personal development is shaped by their experiences with family, friends, school and community. They are also affected by their surroundings - the built and natural environment. Many young people today are growing up with few opportunities to connect with nature. 

Children have a natural affinity towards nature. Dirt, water, plants, and small animals attract and hold children’s attention for hours, days, even a lifetime. The Youth Community Program gives young people the opportunity to experience this natural affinity which is too often lacking in this day.

View the Youth Community Greening Annual Report 2014/2015


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