Personal Trainers

Since their inception in 1816, the Royal Botanic Garden and Domain (two estates of the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust) have been places visited by many different groups of people, partaking in a wide range of activities.

The primary goal for managing both estates has been to provide a safe and tranquil setting for the appreciation and conservation of plants. In recent years with the growing interest in healthy living and lifestyles the impact of active recreation pursuits has increased, particularly due to the increased number of personal trainers and fitness groups.

These groups compete with other Trust visitors and tourists for the access and use of the site. This policy has been prepared to establish the criteria and scope of activities for personal trainers and fitness groups conducting commercial business on Trust lands.

The Trust is always faced with the difficult task of achieving a balance between demand for general public expectations of access, tranquillity and botanic garden values, with the needs of commercial and event users.

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