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Celebrate your special day in your Garden

Let's Elope 2021 Ceremony Package!

Our Science Week program has gone digital

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What The Flora?!

Book your wedding in the Garden

Each season in the Garden offers something special from warm autumnal tones, the emerging colour of spring, the cool greens of summer or the bare delights of winter. Explore everything the Garden has to choose from below.
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Boredom Busters for kids

Watch, Learn and Explore at home these school holidays with this range of activities to encourage kids to interact with and learn about the world around them.
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Events and tours

Find out what's on at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden this week and search for upcoming events, community festivals, exhibitions, plant sales and much more!
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Explore your Garden

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden is one of a kind. The only botanic garden anywhere in the world located within a United Nations World Heritage Area.
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Gardening at home

Want to get growing in your garden? Join our team for some quick tips and you’ll be blooming in no time!
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Name a plant competition

Imagine not having a name... that’s exactly what's happened to one mystery plant that's held in our Herbarium. It was discovered decades ago, yet never named. Now is your chance to give it a name it can keep forever.
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Plants with Bite

Insects are lured with promises of sweet nectar, delightful smells and captivating colours by killer plants.
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No Plants No Animals

A two-metre-tall dinosaur bird roams the rainforests of north-east Queensland looking for its next meal to swallow whole. A meal that keeps itself, rainforests, and us alive.
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Mistletoe: a festive & freaky parasite

Mistletoe is in love potions, ancient medicines to ward off epilepsy and ulcers, and even a Justin Bieber Christmas song.
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What The Flora!?

Last summer, about 7 billion trees were impacted by the bushfires. Discover how scientists are using seed-banking to guard our endangered native plant species against extinction in our debut episode of What the Flora!?
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